Ordinary Wonders

Ordinary Wonders: Something beginning with D

There are lots of amazing stages of childhood, first smiles, first steps, first bike rides and I hear that first sleeping through the nights is pretty awesome too but at 4 years in we are still eagerly waiting for that one, milestone card eagerly in hand!

Probably my favourite one is the first words though. As soon as a little person starts uttering their own, barely comprehensible words there is no denying they are very much a real life person and not just a very fancy new addition to the Baby Annabell range.

The Dude kept me waiting for what felt like forever. Like everything he does, he avoided making primitive attempts at speaking until he knew he could make a decent attempt at communicating. Once I heard “plum pie” coming from the other room, there was little stopping him.

Pea, on the other hand, has been making attempts to speak for a while, perhaps to shut her brother up! She doesn’t seem to suffer from the perfectionist gene like her brother, happy just to be trying things out, whatever the standard.

Although we are now starting to get a fuller range of sounds, for the last few months most words began with D. Obviously everything was Dadda for a while but soon Daddy started to be used as a distinct word specially for Daddy Bear. But it has competition for her first word prize with Doggy. It is often hard to work out if our little Pea loves us or random dogs more – my money is definitely on the dogs though.

Soon her D fixation moved on to Dat, a clear Pea version of “that” but also can be substituted for “cat” too. My favourite from her D period was definitely her version of Stick though.

Pea with her favourite “dick”

The last few weeks has seen more and more words flowing out as she finds her own voice, she is pretty good at her brother’s name, has yes and no down to an annoying art and can ask for more with a relentless passion that would make Oliver proud. She can moo, meiow and quack with the best of them and even Nanna has been mastered, despite living hundreds of miles away.

Mummy on the other hand still waits patiently to be recognised. I am used to this though, the Dude also neglected to learn my name. I put that down to being a single mum at the time so it was not a word he heard often. There isn’t that excuse this time. The Dude says it now at least 444 times before breakfast, as if to make up for the delayed start, and I have almost completely stopped being Kelly to Daddy Bear, so it is probably Pea’s most heard word. Maybe that can be my excuse this time, she hears it so much she is bored of it. I know sometimes I am too, but I also know the first time I hear her little voice say it will be one of my most treasured memories. No matter how over used it becomes, I know how lucky I am to have these little people calling me their mummy.

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